Phase 2

Themes and priorities

In phase 2 of the Certified for Access engagement, we are considering in greater depth the what and how of certification for accessibility. Participate in person as a member of a working group or online on

In the creation of a third party certification model for accessibility which is independent from government with the aim of achieving a higher standard than the law alone, governance and leadership are critical considerations. Learn more about this and provide your input.

The design and scope of the accessibility certification model is critical. With so many different types of businesses, it is important that a certification model be simple and adaptable to different circumstances.

To encourage businesses to go above and beyond the minimum accessibility requirements there must be clear incentives supporting the business case. The benefits of increased accessibility and the path to get there must be demonstrated clearly so as to show value to businesses lacking tools to make it happen or already struggling with training costs, regulations and standards.

The accessibility certification model will be operated independently from government, driven by market supply and demand. To accomplish this, the model must be self-sustaining over the long term to ensure it has multiple revenue stream and maintains its independence.

Certification will be successful if it becomes a mark of pride for businesses and an attraction for customers. Creating and marketing a clear, compelling and well-respected brand will be essential to nurturing an environment where certified businesses are in-demand and emulated.

We want to hear from the business community on how a voluntary certification model can best incent you to become more accessible. Please help us by answering a brief questionnaire.

Anyone interested in participating in a working group could submit an online application on until the close of applications at the end of January 2016. Following the close of applications, Deloitte used the Working Group Member Selection Criteria to determine working group members.