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Training Academy Awareness Program

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Proposed by

Marisol Pestana


  • Create, develop and implement an educational program which will include; workshops and seminars
  • Marketing studies participations 
  • Modules or courses about Types of Disabilities, right language and terminology, AODA legislation standards, etc.


  • Awareness and knowledge of accessibility
  • Increased business opportunities
  • Better aptitude in the private and public economic sectors

Executive Summary of the Model Prototype:

The Training Academy Program would be delivered in partnership with the different travel and tourism boards and associations to their members and employees (e.g. airports, hospitality associations, tourist attractions and recreation venues). The training should have different components - classroom modules, customer experiences case studies - to discuss daily work activities regarding accessibility issues and to provide updated information from another economic sectors which could be related to and affect the travel and tourism industry. The length of the workshops or seminars would be from ½ to 2 hours one day of every week or every month. The seminars would be posted on a web site or other social media platforms after the in person session.

Proposed Partners and Resources to Support Delivery and Sustainability:

  • Travel and tourism industry organizations
  • Tourism Boards or Associations

Benefits and Costs to Organizations:

As the model will rely on buy-in from organizations and will need to be simple and understandable for users, including the public, businesses, and other organizations, please outline the benefits and costs of your model for organizations.

Benefits to business:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer loyalty
  • Marketing and good repute
  • Profitability to the business

Cost to business:

The cost of the program will be calculated based on cost of materials and the hiring of professionally educated trainers. Registration fees would be classified, with one price for members and different price for non-members.

Five Year Vision:

The goal  of the program in 5 years is to benefit, create awareness and open business opportunities  for people of all abilities and to contribute to the economic and personal, economic growth of the country and to include every citizen. 

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