Phase 2 Working Groups Terms of Reference

The five Phase 2 working groups have been given the following terms of reference.

Thank you for taking the time to review these Terms of Reference, applicable for all Certified For Access Working Group members.

Working groups will have two objectives:

  1. To provide recommendations on the development and implementation of an accessibility certification model
  2. To identify key considerations and risks associated with a designated focus area

The development and design of a voluntary third-party certification model offers a great opportunity for all working group members to influence both business and government, promoting a broad culture shift towards a more accessible Ontario.

The discussion within the working groups – as throughout the entire certification process – will also encourage businesses and organizations to step forward as leaders in accessible customer service.

To that end, the scope of Phase 2 working group discussions will focus on and limit itself to the key topics that have emerged from Phase 1 discussions, as summarized in the Phase 1 report. Further, discussion will adhere to the two objectives listed above, with the goal of developing a voluntary accessibility certification model.

While participants may have concerns related to the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, the work of the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario or the various efforts of the Ontario government in the field of accessibility, discussion on these matters is outside the scope of the Phase 2 working group sessions.

Discussion that strays from the in-scope topics, as summarized in the Phase 1 report, will be restricted by the working group facilitators.

Other opportunities exist to discuss or provide feedback on all aspects of accessibility in Ontario.

Subject to these parameters, your full participation as a working group member is welcome.