Phase 2 Overview

In phase 2 of the Certified for Access engagement, we are considering in greater depth the what and how of certification for accessibility.

Working Groups

We are bringing together five working groups composed of about a dozen people each, with the following two objectives:

  1. To provide recommendations on the development and implementation of an accessibility certification model
  2. To identify key considerations and risks associated with a designated focus area

Each working group will focus on one of the following key focus areas of an accessibility certification model. Drawing on Phase 1 findings, existing tools and best practices, provided background materials, and a wealth of previous experience, working group members will consider a set of key considerations, resulting in recommendations on how to incorporate elements relating to their focus area in the eventual certification model.

These focus areas were chosen based on feedback from Phase 1 sessions, teleconferences, and online discussion and are structured around a guiding question:

Working GroupGuiding Question
Governance and LeadershipWho leads and administers the accessibility certification model?
Model Scope and DesignHow is the accessibility certification model structured and to who does it apply?
Incentives for BusinessWhat will most effectively incentivize business of different types and sizes to seek certification?
Self-SustainabilityHow can an accessibility certification model most effectively brand and market itself and accessibility more broadly?
Branding and MarketingHow might an accessibility certification model most effectively brand and market itself and accessibility more broadly?


Tell us what you think

Being a working group member is one of many ways to participate in this process. We encourage everyone to contribute to dedicated discussion areas for each working group focus area. Learn more and tell us what you think about:


Working group members will use this discussion to enrich in person sessions and online input will feature directly  in the Phase 2 Report.

We will continue to post all materials to the website (including working group background materials and working group recommendations) for public review and comment. 

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