Introduction : Accessibility Certification Model Prototypes

The Challenge

At the beginning of this process, Minister Duguid challenged Ontarians to explore the viability of a voluntary accessibility certification model.

Since then:

  • We have heard from approximately 200 individuals and organizations on the barriers and challenges to accessibility in Ontario, including:
    • Persons of all abilities;
    • Members of the accessibility, not-for-profit, advocacy, education, design, business, municipal, health, and broader public sector communities.
  • Based on input from the community, over 75 individuals across five working groups and through this website have provided recommendations on how a voluntary, recognition-based model might address these challenges.

Seven Prototypes

Building on their lived experience, expertise, and the input received, seven groups have answered our open call by submitting an accessibility certification model prototype.

The seven prototypes are meant to showcase the range of ideas and ongoing work being done in the community to raise the bar on accessibility. Some are more detailed, some more high-level; some offer a complete picture of a certification model, while others illustrate how they might lend their expertise to a broader whole. All are based on our Phase 1 discussion and Phase 2 working group recommendations.

The goal is not for the prototypes to compete, but rather for the prototype authors and for you the public to identify and build support around good ideas and opportunities for collaboration.

It’s your turn! We need your input to make sure that these prototypes evolve and come together in a way that will work for the whole community – people of all abilities and the businesses they operate and frequent.

Read through the prototypes and let us know what you think. Your feedback will do three important things:

  1. Allow the prototype authors to refine and develop their idea according to community input;
  2. Feature in our Final Report, showing the general public, businesses, and government what direction the community would like to see for accessibility certification; and
  3. Open a space for discussion and awareness on accessibility for businesses and in the community.

Tell us what you think about the prototypes

From April 11 to April 25, we are seeking public input on the seven prototypes.

Review each of the prototypes and then provide your input using the input form at the bottom of each prototype's page:



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